The person you present offline and online has to be the same. It’s how people associate with us and the digital breadcrumbs all help in showing who we are.

John Espirian endorses the importance of being the ’same shape everywhere’ and from a personal perspective, this has helped shape me and the way I present myself to the world.

Social Media wisdom says to follow the 90:10 rule, as in concentrate 90% on one platform and use the rest trying out different approaches. …

Those people who shy away from the limelight can also be those who are making a huge difference and contribute to the communities they are a part of. This has been happening during the pandemic and will continue afterward.

Let me make the case for the quiet leaders who don’t go out for adulation and recognition, but champion efforts for the benefit of others.

I make no apologies for using local examples to where I live. I get to see more closely what they do and even speak to them. …

Whilst there is always drive to retain talent within a town or city, sometimes exploring the world brings back a wider view.

I spent a lot of 2020 explaining how great Dorset is and an attractive place for people and businesses to embrace the work-life balance it delivers. In keeping tune with the topsy turvey world we are now part of, I am now saying please do leave Dorset, get out there into the bright lights of the big wide world.

It is OK to move away from localities. People should not be forced to stay. …

When you support those around you, be it customers or part of the wider community you represent, everyone can thrive.

Here are some of the lessons I have taken on board from 2020, I hope there is something there that strikes a chord with you.

You can’t be swayed by negativity

An independent cheese shop opened on the high street, in Southbourne, in the run-up to Christmas last year.

It consisted of fantastic artisan cheeses from small and medium producers. With such a huge variety of choices, you can talk to staff and you can taste.

Local naysayers were suggesting six months before people went back…

Business utopia does not have to mean scaling to a point that you have to look beyond the immediate place you built your business.

Some companies have been vocal about moving out of Dorset. However, when it comes to modern facilities, quality of life, education, resources and complementary industries, it is all here.

Is The Grass Greener?

Coming out of a Covid-impacted world, it asks a question. Does having a London office address mean anything today? Even if it is just a mailbox and a name block on the wall. Is value in vanity a thing anymore?

Tokyo, Milan, Paris, Dorset. For many businesses…

We have every reason to celebrate the places we work from and live within.

The opportunity that locality presents as we make our way out of the pandemic provides hope.

Let me share why Dorset means a lot to me, perhaps this is something that you feel attached to as well:

  • The rich blend of sea, towns, hills and fields
  • Proximity and access to other cities and key places
  • There are vibrant and exciting digital, creative and marketing sectors
  • The food and drink scene is inspiring
  • There is business opportunity around the whole conurbation
  • The area is respected for its…

As we all continue being cutting off from others, let’s not forget that whether online or offline, being in a space changes the way you feel.

For businesses, that is what we all do. Other people come to us, use our products and services and our role to make other people feel good.

The Sense Of Place

From my series of articles, I describe and I am vocal about Dorset as a place, or maybe more specifically as my home now. I want to delve more into that collectively.

Some people talk about “place building”. In fact, some people’s job titles are precisely that…

Whilst we may not be as distant as we were during Spring, the initiatives we are a part of should not be in isolation. The partnerships we form are integral to our success.

There are far too many business initiatives and schemes that could be coordinated a lot smoother, with less duplication and more collaboration. Many people want to put that extra energy into supporting and boosting the local economy. However, there is a risk that positivity starts to become eroded when projects fail to find momentum and the take-up from others stall.

Are We All The Competition?

Whilst I…

To make an impact for the industries we represent and the communities we are a part of, we have to recognise ways to brings businesses together, even if you do don’t necessarily see a short term return yourself.

When we start a business, we naturally give it full attention and effort to bring it to a sustainable level. We have to be head down in doing business to get things up and running. This usually takes longer than expected.

Once we are OK, it’s good for the business and business owners to look up and be part of what is…

Championing the places we do business from, rather than just highlight the value of our products and services can become the catalyst for long term success. Not just individually but for the wider conurbation.

We are constantly reminded of how important client relationships are and the investment we need to make to secure them for the long term. The same can be said of the networks and associations we belong to, as well as the industry publications and awards we feel a part of.

But what about our office, is it just four walls for the sake of work hours…

Gordon Fong

Lives in Southbourne, business locations in Bournemouth and Winfrith. Web, hosting and consultancy.

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